In the spring of 2019, Radioguru completed two training days at Radio Alta in northern Norway. Radio Alta is part of the Mediehuset Altaposten, and in the course were salespeople and producers.

The purpose was to remind what the radio medium is good at and make the commercial break more interesting to listen to – it’s good for the advertisers, the listeners, and thus the radio station.

“Everyone, both the sales staff and the producers, got a lot out of the course days.
Here a few weeks later, we can already feel notice how the salespeople argue for radio advertising when they are talking to clients. The focus has been changed from push sales to advise and recommendations based on what they learned in the course. I’ve also noticed it given them confidence in the sales process.
When it comes to production, you opened some eyes. They now think in a completely different way and are very focused on the ONE message, the right way to use sound and not be too afraid of the length of the spot.
Two excellent courses that I can recommend to others!! ”

Yngve Reginiussen
Marketing Manager, Mediehuset Altaposten

In an informal setting with time for questions, comments and lots of examples, Palle Bo reviewed his “10 Commandments & 7 Deadly Sins of Radio Advertising “.

Before the course, Radio Alta had sent 5-10 of their own radio spots to Radioguru. In the afternoon, Palle Bo gave feedback on what was good and what could be improved.

In the late afternoon, the participants worked with practical examples. They were given a task, which they worked on in groups and wrote copy.

The day before this, Palle Bo did a lecture focused on scheduling a radio campaign the right way. One thing is, you are producing better radio advertising with a good idea that captures the listeners’ attention and communicates the message in a way that focuses on the benefits to those who need to buy the product. But if you don’t schedule the campaign the right way, it can all be a wast.

This course was custom-made for Radio Alta. Contact Radioguru if you are interested in something similar and hear about the possibilities.

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