In the course of an exciting day learn to help your advertisers develop radio spots that are even more effective, and more interesting to listen to, so that you don’t chase your listeners away.

The day starts with a 3-hour interactive lecture with opportunities for many questions. Over and above the explication of the ‘10 Commandments and 7 Deadly Sins‘ (as in ‘Crash Course for the Sales Department‘) you will be given a number of tools to help you develop ideas on how to receive the right briefing and ask the right questions of the customer.

After this we go to work on practical examples. Before this day you will have received some cases to write texts for. If time allows, we go into the studio and quickly produce some spec spots out some of the examples, in cooperation with your own producer.

All in all both an instructive and entertaining day. Good for the team, good for the advertisers, and thus good for the business turnover.

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TARGET: The sales- and production people on the radio station
LENGTH: One working day
PRICE: 4,600 USD / 4,300 EUR (excluding travel expenses)