If you position your campaign wrongly it may all be a waste of time and energy. So we should schedule with due care.

We live in an over-communicated world where everybody is fighting for attention. If you are going to be successful with a radio campaign, it is vital that you set it right.

Far too many have a fixed belief that you just need to reach as many people as possible. In this lecture I present a substantiated proposal to do the exact opposite.

It may seem illogical but there is a deeper meaning with it. Fundamentally, it is to show that it is better to convince 10% of the target group 100 %, than it is to convince 100% of the target group 10%.

TARGET: Sales people on radio stations and advertisers.
LENGTH: 30-50 minutes.
PRICE: 1,800 USD, 1,600 EUR, 11,900 DDK (excluding travel expenses)