How does a brand become top-of-mind in their category? Traditional mass media advertising like TV, radio, and print still works, but not the way it used to.

With a branded podcast brands can own the narrative. Put in other words, they can become their own media company and control the conversation about them and their product.

A branded podcast isn’t advertising. This is turning the brand into the media itself.

When you’re doing a radio or a TV commercial, you typically only have 30-60 seconds, often less than that. With a branded podcast, you can have their attention for a much longer time. You will literally be in their headphones, with no intrusions from competitors to muddy the water. It is just you, your message, and your potential customers.

Another important fact is that they chose to download your podcast. They chose to listen to you.

A branded podcast is not mass media; the goal is not to market your brand to as many people as possible. Here, you target an audience that is extremely interested in the product you offer and have a conversation in an engaging and entertaining way.

And the material will be available for years.