As far as we know, it exists anywhere in the world: advertising where they speak “commercialish” as we call it. You know it for sure – the way to speak, as you only speak in advertising. This very announcery way of speaking that is just so annoying to listen to. And it sends a signal to the listener, not to pay attention.

According to Palle Bo, this is Deadly Sin #1 and in his book “Guide to Better Radio Advertising,” a whole chapter was dedicated to this topic.

Radio Guru uses only voice talent that understand this. Voices that are “crisp” and clear, but most of all understand how to communicate a message. Because that’s what matters most, voice talent must convey a text so that the listeners receive it and understand it.

In addition to finding voices for radio commercials, we also find and record the right voices for online video presentations, podcasts, and TV or cinema spots.


Send an email or call Radio Guru and tell a little about your project; the type of voice you are looking for and where to use it.
Then we send voice samples and a budget.