The ‘advertising filter’ among consumers is highly developed. We are not stupid, and we are very sceptical about anything that smacks of advertising. That is why we need to make advertising that do not sound like advertising.

Our primary task is to create results for the advertisers, and the best way to do this is to creep under the radar of the tired listeners who are always on the alert for anything that sounds too much like an advert.

One of these ways is to produce something that sounds as if it is an excerpt from reality. Something where we are more like a fly on the wall than a radio listener. Don’t we all recognize the interest in listening on the sly? If we are sitting on a bus or a train and we hear an exciting conversation between people, we cannot help but listen on the sly. It is part of human nature, and this ‘audio voyeurism’ is a very effective card to play. This is something that we should exploit when producing radio advertising.

In this lecture you will hear a lot of examples of how authentic radio advertising from home and abroad can sound – and why this may be a really good way to try.


This can also be turned into a full day workshop where we work with different tools and real life cases.
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THIS IS FOR: Production staff and copywriters working with radio advertising.
LENGTH: 60-90 minutes.
PRICE: 1,900 USD / 1,900 EUR (excluding travel expenses)