Make the meeting for sales personnel extra exciting with this crash course for the sales department, which can be delivered in one evening or one morning. Palle Bo will inspire and remind you of what the radio is good at.

You will be given a lot of advice on how to ‘educate’ your customers to make things better – both for them and listeners to the radio stations. And at the same time you will learn how to position yourselves as marketing experts.

You will learn why it is a bad idea for advertisers just to talk about themselves – which is what you hear in most Danish radio advertising. You will be given a lot of practical tools as to how you can help the advertisers shape and form their radio spots so that they market them better, and you will be provided with a series of good arguments as to how advertisers must use the radio medium properly.

We will also look at RadioGuru’s “10 Commandments and 7 Deadly Sins“.

TARGET: The sales department and production team on a radio station.
LENGTH: 2-3 hours.
PRICE: 2,900 USD / 2,700 EUR (excluding travel expenses)