You are the copywriter at a radio station and are every day are given the task of producing a number of texts. Often it becomes a bit of a conveyor-belt production – and still you’re expected to be brilliant.

Radioguru can help you develop some techniques for how to write better texts.

– For the sake of your clients (they have more response to their spots)
– For the sake of your own workplace (you have a bigger turnover and happier clients)
– For your own sake (your grow professionally and increase your own ‘value’)

In this Master Class for copywriters you spend a whole day alone with Palle Bo. He opens up the bag of tricks and routines. Here you will be given a series of tools to help you develop ideas and work with concrete tasks.

We will also listen to some of your earlier work; and two weeks later you will have feedback on another five scripts.

TARGET: Copy writers
LENGTH: One working day
PRICE: 3,500 USD / 3,200 EUR (excluding travel expenses)