Good radio advertising can entertain, move, and not least sell products and establish a name.  Bad radio advertising can do nothing much but irritate the listener.

Unfortunately there too much bad advertising on the radio, and that is a shame, because it could so easily be much better.

This is one of the most popular lectures from Radioguru, where I go through the Ten Commandments and the Seven Deadly Sins of Radio Advertising and Spots.

In an exciting and provocative as well as entertaining lecture I promote 10 things that any advertiser should know about a radio campaign, and which 7 things they should avoid at any time – unless it is okay for you to throw money out the window.

In the lecture I offer a lot of practical advice along with a multitude of inspiring examples.

Leave with a great deal more wisdom and knowledge about radio advertising – and marketing in general. And you have also been entertained.

The Ten Commandments:


  1. Focus on the advantages for the consumer
  2. Let the message be part of the story
  3. Use radio for image creation – continuously
  4. Make series/ create universes
  5. Use the strengths of the radio media
  6. Use pictures – think visually
  7. Brug billeder – tænk visuelt.
  8. Go after realism and sincerity
  9. Tell a story
  10. Be courageous, be open, and go against the stream


palle_devil The Seven Deadly Sins:

  1. Use advertising speak
  2. Be afraid of long spots
  3. Talk about yourself
  4. Have more than one message per spot
  5. Use music for no reason
  6. Be too busy with the production
  7. Drop the radio medium because it has not produced the calculated results. Maybe you used the medium wrongly.

Length:   1-1½ hours